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LOG711 Supply Chain Management I

The course presents a broad scope of issues within supply chain management. Standard OM-principles/models/theories form the basis of the course. We discuss how those principles/models/theories can be adopted/extended for the use in a supply-chain setting. The focus of the course is put on the inter-organizational aspect of SCM and its management approaches. 

Topics covered (excerpt):

  • generic supply chain strategies and related concepts
  • information sharing and coordination in SCs
  • material flow, queuing theory and capacity management
  • multi-echelon inventory planning/management
  • dynamics and complexity in SCs
  • supply chain network design
  • supply chain risk management
  • 'Circular economy', 'SCM and Big Data' (intended guest lectures)

The students will be introduced to a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods/models/problems. The latter includes e.g. facility location problems (WLP, gravity model), deterministic/stochastic inventory models and lot-sizing problem algorhitms/heuristics.