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LOG206 e-Business

The course provides comprehnsive introduction to the theory and practice of e-business and e-commerce.


The following concepts are discussed:

  • Incentives and problems in e-business
  • Transition strategies for e-business
  • Legal rights and problems and technical standards for cooperation
  • Trade and trade channels: buyer, seller, distributors, competitors, network economics, lock-in
  • New business structures: within companies, between companies, virtual business, models for trade between companies (B2B) and between companies and customers (B2C)
  • Customer relations management (CRM)
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Electronic document exchange
  • Electronic payment, security
  • Network infrastructure and internet technologies for e-business
  • Pricing policies pricing of services
  • Planning e-business to generate value increases


For more information visit: LOG206: e-Busines (ENG)

                                    LOG206: e-Business (NORSK)