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IDA710 Business processes and information modelling

The course covers various process perspectives, presenting the most important process models to address on a a conceptual level the debate between prescriptive and agile development philosophies. It presents analysis and design methods with an emphasis on object-oriented techniques and UML modeling. Pattern-based approaches and Web-design are also considered. A central Quality Management module presents concepts, procedures, techniques, and methods that enable a team to assess development quality, review engineering work products, conduct improvement procedures and apply effective testing. Managing innovation in development and modelling projects will be addressed under a set of real economical umbrella terms, such as financial ambition, program funding, ideology and good governance, systematic evaluation and evolution of ideas and market deployment. Even more advanced topics will be addressed using cutting-edge research articles, which the students themselves contribute to present and discuss in the lectures. Generally, the content is going to be presented as interactively as possible and lively participation in exercises and arguments are expected.

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