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TRA816 Maritime Transportation

The shipping markets. Tramp trade or dry cargo spot market trading and liner conferences. Market for transport of goods in bulk and containers. Different market requirements and technical and organizational solutions. The role of different players in international shipping. Shipping law and international shipping policies. Efficiency and profitability of shipping markets. International procedures and contracts. Shipping and the environment.

The successful candidate will have

  • obtained a good overview of international shipping markets, including broad patterns of seaborne trade, and the markets for new and second-hand tonnage, including the market for demolition
  • obtained a thorough knowledge about the international regulatory regime of international shipping, including elements of global agreements, and the processes leading up to such agreements
  • obtained in-depth knowledge about one selected aspect of international shipping chosen as a topic for the essay
  • improved his/her analytical and writing abilities through the guided process of essay-writing

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