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LOG765 Project Planning and Control

The course will include the following topics:

  • Identifying and organizing a project, governance and financing: Project initiation related to the organizational context: strategy, goal, and objectives.
  • Managing project teams. The role of a project manager.
  • Models for project organizing, pitfalls and conditions for success, the role of the project manager.
  • Tools and techniques for identification, planning and budgeting. Estimating and controlling costs whilst dealing with project uncertainties.
  • Resource planning, work breakdown structure and scheduling.
  • Project risk management. Defining critical path and timelines
  • Progress metrics and follow-up: Project control, progress reporting and evaluation: The earned value method.
  • Quality control, documentation and change control management. Project termination and audit.


After having completed the course, the candidate should:

  • have a deep understanding of project work. We aim to teach the basic understanding of the project working model applied analytically as well as proactively to a wide range of situations. This also entails a comprehensive understanding of the hallenges and corresponding success factors for project execution.
  • have a broad knowledge of methods and techniques to plan and conduct large projects, based on a systematic and evidence-based approach. 
  • have a thorough understanding of the tools, methods, and processes for project planning and control, especially to analyze and evaluate project status based on progress information.
  • be able to analyze risk elements in projects and suggest how to deal with them. It will be necessary to be able to create an overview of different stakeholders' interests and responsibility in projects.


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