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LOG733 Exact Optimization Methods in Logistics

The course will mainly focus on solving problems from logistics formulated as deterministic optimization models. Examples of problems include production problems, shortest path and knapsack problems. Modeling will be covered only briefly, as this is supposed to be known in advance. Problems treated include Linear Programming (LP) problems and Discrete Optimization problems. Emphasis will be put on the Simplex algorithm for Linear Programming and Branch and Bound search for discrete problems, but dynamic programming and other solution methods will also be treated.


After having completed the course, the candidate is supposed to:

  • Be able to solve linear programming problems by using the simplex method
  • Be able to solve integer and mixed integer programming problems by using the Branch-and-Bound method
  • Understand the connection between the primal and the dual of an LP, and know how to convert problems from one of the formulations to the other
  • Be able to use dynamic programming to solve simple problems suited for this method


Read more about the subject in the study guide.