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IDR803 Seminars in Football Management

Seminar topics for the “Managing Football” specialization could include:

  • the governance of European football
  • sports and subsidies - the role of sports organizations and regulators
  • talent-management in football and models for development of home-grown players
  • facility and arena management
  • player contract negotiations and player logistics
  • treatment of compensation, punishment, doping issues etc., including the legal perspective
  • team sport and the sociology of law
  • teams sports in an international perspective
  • psychological organizational effects of winning and loosing
  • industrial relations in professional team sports
  • corporate social responsibility
  • community relations of professional sport clubs

Topics may vary, but topics for the seminars will be avaliable at the end of second term, or at the latest when starting the third term.

For more informasjon, please see here.